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How Telehealth Works

Helping to improve clinical outcomes and reduced acute care hospitalizations

Patient at Home

Takes vital signs and customized surveys with Philips monitoring devices.

Philips Secure Data Infrastructure

With specialized algorithms, Philips data server processes clinical data into manageable information with bi-dreictional data communication with electronic health records (EHR).

How Telehealth Works

Multi-Disciplinary Care Team

Management by exceptioin and fully integrated medical records streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and increases patient throughput.

Telehealth Nurse

Specialized clinical software streamlines workflow, improves efficiencies, and allows for earlier patient intervention.

  • A physician prescribes telehealth and refers the patient to a home health agency.
  • The agency installs the telehealth equipment and trains the patient on its proper use.
  • The patient takes their vital signs and answers personalized, clinician-directed surveys.
  • Results are automatically sent to a website via a landline or cellular signal.
  • The agency's telemonitoring nurse monitors the patient daily and alerts the patient and care team when results fall outside pre-defined limits.
  • Physicians receive trending reports from the home health agency, or they can access patient information through a secure web portal.

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